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Our Story

First established in Raffles Singapore in 1896, the historic Bar & Billiard Room (BBR) has evolved with a new chapter by acclaimed Chef Alain Ducasse. The 124-year-old building, which started as a club during British colonial rule, continues to be the social gathering space of choice for travellers and the local community alike. Bar & Billiard Room has served as the backdrop of many unique Raffles stories over the years, and the last tiger in Singapore that escaped from a circus was said to be shot under its building in 1902. As Osteria BBR by Alain Ducasse, it retains the original name and celebrates the rich heritage of the space while reflecting its new concept. Offering a myriad of different dining and bar experiences every day, this concept reflects Alain Ducasse’s experiences and stories. It is modern, energetic, vibrant and accessible - a gathering place to meet, exchange and discover. OSTERIA BBR by Alain Ducasse is Singapore’s latest social space, thrilling the senses of local residents to celebrate and enjoy at while offering an inspirational spot for global travellers when they return to the city.

Meet Our Chef Consultant

Alain Ducasse

Who has 32 restaurants in 9 countries, is one of the most renowned and influential chefs of his generation. With an incredible 20 Michelin stars to his name, he has influenced the food service and hospitality industry wherever in the world he has chosen to establish operations. As a chef, Ducasse is known for his commitment to innovation, attention to detail, and dedication to quality and technique. He is also meticulous in recruiting and training his teams to offer the same level of excellence, quality and service across all his establishments. His culinary philosophy highlights the authentic taste of excellent, natural and sustainable produce, while paying tribute to its local origins.

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About our Chef de Cuisine

Francesco Soletti

Hailing from Italy, Francesco Soletti brings with him over a decade of culinary experience having worked at numerous Michelin-starred restaurants across the globe. Born and raised in a family of farmers with access to fresh produce and homemade ingredients, Francesco’s passion for the world of gastronomy and deep understanding of the importance of ingredients started when he was a child. After graduating with a Diploma in Cooking, he worked in France under the wings of Chef Alain Ducasse at the 3 Michelin-starred Le Louis XV - Alain Ducasse à l'Hôtel de Paris Restaurant before moving to cook in Rome, Portugal, Dubai and Tuscany. At Osteria BBR by Alain Ducasse, Francesco draws on his Italian heritage to present produce-driven Italian classics with a contemporary touch.

By Alain Ducasse

The much-loved Bar & Billiard Room at Raffles Singapore continues to evolve and returns with a new chapter – Osteria BBR by Alain Ducasse, where authentic Italian will be presented through the lenses of acclaimed Chef Alain Ducasse, showcasing his discoveries and gourmet memories gathered from this warm and welcoming country.


In true BBR fashion, your dining experience will be accompanied by a lively bar scene that is fun, relaxed and perfect for social gatherings. Osteria BBR by Alain Ducasse is a modern, energetic, vibrant and accessible gathering place to meet, exchange and discover the culinary traditions of the Italian Riviera. The 124-year-old restaurant, which started as a club during British colonial rule, continues to be the social gathering space of choice for the local community and visitors alike.


Enter a high energy open kitchen with a wood-fired rotisserie and a pizza oven, with a lively bar and al fresco lounge that will serve a selection of Italian cocktails, spirits, wines and beers.



Designed in collaboration with acclaimed Paris-based firm Jouin Manku, the space at Osteria BBR by Alain Ducasse reflects the rich cuisines of the Italian Riviera, while creating a contemporary setting with iconic floor tiles and striking architecture that honours the original historic Raffles Bar & Billiard Room. With a large open kitchen at its heart, over sailed by a striking blue sculpture reminiscent of a giant fish swimming across the sea, the atmosphere transports guests to the sea, the lights, the tastes and the smells of the Italian Riviera. Within the open kitchen, dishes are prepared, food is plated, and a wood-fired rotisserie and a pizza oven fire up.